Sipumziwe Lucwaba

About Sipumziwe Lucwaba

Sipumziwe Lucwaba is a Cape Town based improviser and entertainer. He studied at UCT and, while there, began working as a presenter at UCT radio.
There he worked his way from presenting the graveyard shift to doing weekday drive (3pm-6pm). He graduated from UCT in 2010 with a degree in Film and Media, a qualification which gave him a strong theoretical understanding of the industry he was to go into. Soon afterwards he started working as a presenter at KFM and has worked there ever since. He also works as an MC and has hosted scores of events ranging from cooking activations at the Good Food and Wine Show to talent shows at the Grand Arena. In addition he is also a voice artist and actor.

His first contact with improv came in 2013, when he started attending drop in classes with The Long Shots Improvised Comedy Troupe. After a few months of classes he was invited to perform with the troupe. He wasn’t a complete disaster and he cried if he didn’t get what he wanted so the troupe took him on as permanent member. For the past two years he has also taught improv classes with The Long Shots. When he is not in front of an audience you’ll find him hiking, playing soccer, or writing.